Happy Experiences Article 2


Sara Lao

Happy Experiences Article 2

By Sara Lao

March 16, 2021


These 15 months have been packed with a lot of negative stuff. But, there are also so many good times in life! So, I asked some teachers and students to send stories of their happiest experiences in life.


Mountain Fun


“Skiing at Crystal Mountain was so fun! The snow was perfect, and it wasn’t too cold. There were no lift lines either, so we got in a lot of skiing. We went everywhere on the mountain, trying not to miss any runs. After lunch, we went up on the gondola and I got a free hot chocolate from the Summit House. The views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and the Cascades were awesome! Then we kept repeating a certain run, going all the way from the summit to the base. On one run I completely lost control and both skis came off as I slid… but it was fun!!” – Hope Seelye


The Beautiful Ocean – Sea & Beaches


“The most interesting experiences in my life have been scary (leaving home at 18 to be an exchange student in Germany or playing solo violin in Benaroya Hall), exhilarating (surfing in Wollongong, Australia, or snorkeling on reefs in Thailand), or adventurous (like moving to the US), but my happiest moments are fairly ordinary.  I feel very fortunate to have a lovely collection of happy moments in my life, but they do all have some commonality – my family is by me and I am by the sea. I have memories of the white Australian beaches where the sun and sand is warm, the breeze is cool, the water sparkling with cheerful little waves, making it extra fun to play in the water. My boys, my husband and myself, as well as my sister and Mum, are there with us. We have delicious watermelon and strawberries to eat and no time commitments at all – we can stay as long as we want! That is a very happy memory for me.” – Ms.Malacari


Relaxing With A Book & Movie


“I feel that it is impossible to find the absolute happiest moment in your life; so, instead, I have just picked one happy moment. It was about 6 am (which is pretty early for me) and I had woken up and went to the downstairs part of my home with a book. I then made myself breakfast and tea, sat on the couch with my cat, and turned a ghibli movie on in the background while I read. Although it is such a small moment in my life, I felt truly happy.” – Anna Stewart


Park Fun And Childhood Clubs

“I don’t have a favorite but I do have a place where a lot occurred. During my childhood, my parents would always take me and my sisters to a park. It’s weird but we would always get 1 pack of mini vanilla cupcakes and 1 pack of mini chocolate cupcakes. Since we were split into two when it came to flavors. I had a lot of memories there including my sister making an “I hate Justin Bieber” club where she would recruit small children. She would make comics about it too.” – R.S.


Children And The Seahawks


“Although being tasked with thinking of the happiest moment of one’s life might seem a daunting task, certainly for me, the birth moments of my children are unequivocally the most joyous moments of my life.  As for most parents, the blissful moments where a new life enters the world is impossible to match in unequivocal love and joy.  Opting against frivolity and resisting temptation to joke that Feb 2nd, 2014 (SuperBowl XLVIII) would also be in consideration.  Therefore, Seahawk pandemonium aside, undoubtedly May 2001 and March 2006 provided the most joyous moments of my life, with February 2014 being a close 3rd. However, if my wife ever reads this paragraph be sure to put that matrimonial moment Aug 1998 at the top of the list!” – Mr.Visser


Good Change


“I would have to say that the happiest day of my life is just being here really. I don’t have any specific day or anything. If anything it would be the time I moved here in the first place otherwise, I wouldn’t have met any of the people that make me the person I am today. So I just want to say that I’m happy I moved here.” – Jax Shields


Road Trips


“Many of my happiest experiences happen on road trips. I love grabbing my camera, turning on my favorite music and driving to see new places, whether it is a short trip close to home or driving halfway across the country. A few years ago I was in Banff National Park in Alberta Canada, we stopped along a river to get out, stretch our legs and enjoy the scenery along a river. There was a mountain not far away and it was reflecting into the river, it was beautiful. I grabbed my camera to take some pictures, I got an amazing picture of the mountain reflecting into the slow moving river. I had never been able to get a picture like this before, or since. This is one of my favorite photography moments.” – Ms.Shearer


The Simple Happiness


“There are many times in my life I can remember being happy.  My honeymoon, the birth of my children, success in my professional life.  But really, some of my happiest moments have not been the ‘big’ things.  Sometimes the happiest times I can remember are the mundane and small parts.  For example, the first thought of a very happy moment is last summer, when my family went to Golden Gardens.  My 4 year old was playing in the stream of water with my wife, and my 1 year old was sitting in our tent snacking.  I was laying down while he rested his arm on me.  The sky was that special Seattle blue that sometimes seems unnatural after so much time grey.  I had set up the tent perfectly, and I snuck blueberries when the 1 year old wasn’t looking.  Nothing more special than that.  But it so very represents a contentedness and happiness, it’s one of the first recent memories that jumps to mind.” – Mr.Figueroa