Funny Experiences Article 3


Sara Lao

Funny Experiences Article 3: The Importance of Laughter

By Sara Lao

March 16, 2021


Life is full of make or break moments, but life also holds wonder, curiosity, and laughter. We laugh when we enjoy something, but it is hard to enjoy anything when we can’t do many of the typical things we usually do daily. Humor is abnormally important currently because we are in a pandemic. We all need a good laugh, so I thought I would ask our College Place Middle School community about their funniest moments in life.


Wii & Glass Table Struggles 


“A funny moment I have is when my sisters were playing Wii and she swung the Wii remote and it broke the light. And when my dad brought a glass table he found on the road and was so proud that he flipped it over and it broke.” R.S.


Tasty Smoothie


“The funniest moment or experience of my life was when I was a child, my mother made everyone smoothie.  The drink was made up of blueberry, strawberry, almond milk, and banana. My family sat at the table. My brother positioned the cup upside down over his face, and the drink slowly slid out of the cup and landed on it.” – Aida Chen


Non-Injury Car Bump


“My funniest experience is something that I didn’t find very funny at the time, which was my first car accident! When I was in high school, I was texting and driving and rear-ended a school bus. Luckily, I wasn’t going very fast and there were no injuries, but I did total my car. Even worse, it was a bus full of kids from my high school! The next day, my classmates and my teachers were teasing me about it, but it was all in good fun and I definitely learned my lesson about distracted driving!” – Ms.Carlson


The Story of Jessica


“I am not so sure if this is a funny or an embarrassing experience, but I can laugh about it time and time again. Every March, I think of one of our cousins, Jessica, who celebrated her birthday last week. When we were growing up, my family and my aunt’s family were living together in a two-story rental home. There were five children altogether; my sister, my brother, myself, Jessica, and her brother. The kitchen was our favorite hangout, and food disappeared almost daily. One evening, after dinner, we realized that we had run out of bread for the next day. We had to have bj toast for breakfast, and somebody had to refill the bread basket. To our surprise, Jessica volunteered to go to the grocery store when she had already changed into a pretty, minnie mouse nightgown. Jessica was a toddler at the time, but she acted like a teenager. She was fearless, still is, in many ways! We decided to let her take on the task, and watch from the window. When she got to the corner of the street, the bold, little girl raised her hand like a traffic police, and all of the cars stopped. Then, Jessica crossed the street, her hair blowing in the nightwind, her gown trailing. And when she made it safely to the other side of the street, the cars were honking, and Jessica was waving at people as if she was a celebrity. To this day, Jessica leads the life of a “social butterfly.” She makes friends with all types of people, and jokes about life, in general. Perhaps, a carefree, lightheart approach is what we need to plug along during this unusual time.” – Ms.Roberson


Ocean Shores


“In my opinion, the moment that was most exciting to me was seeing the look on my best friend’s face as I surprised her by stopping by Ocean Shores to see her. On that note, it was some time ago so I do not remember all of the details, but my best friend’s mom invited my family to Ocean Shores to stay in a room they had booked but was vacant at the time. We had the opportunity to surprise my best friend. So supposing we would make it to Ocean Shores on such short notice, which is what my family and I did. At the end of our seemingly long journey to Ocean Shores we were rewarded with seeing the look on my best friends face.” – Arden Reilly


Pho Fun


“In 2005, introducing my soon to be husband, how to eat a steaming hot bowl of Pho noodle soup in the University District by UofW on a hot August night a long time ago. It was funny for a few reasons 1) he had never tried pho prior to this meal, 2) it was literally steaming hot inside the Than Brothers restaurant, and 3) it was about 90degrees outside on a hot summer night. Not only was he sweating with all of the spices and added hot sauce, he was also sweating because of the temperature of the weather! I guess it was more hilarious watching him than a funny thing actually happening to me, but the experience we still talk about all of these years later!” – Ms.Collins