Spring Break Plans

Spring Break Plans

Sara Lao, Aida Chen, and

Spring Break Plans

By Sara Lao and Aida Chen

March 16, 2021


We are all currently in a pandemic, and it may be difficult to relax and go out, so we decided to ask some of the teachers and students at CPM about their plans and thoughts about Spring Break 2021. Below are the questions asked and the responses.



  1. How will your Spring Break be different from your past years? Explain.
  2. What do you think you will do this Spring Break?
  3. Do you think Spring Break is important? Why or why not?
  4. Do you think the Pandemic or other events going on in our nation (protests) will affect your Spring Break in any way? Why or why not?


“This year’s Spring Break will be a bit different from past years because my parents will still be working for most of it and we won’t be going anywhere. On the days they have off, we’ll probably go hiking at least once. Spring Break is important as it gives both students and staff to decompress and relax for a bit. The pandemic is going to affect our Spring Break a little bit so we won’t be traveling and my parents are working more, but I don’t think protests will hinder any of our plans.” – Cassidy Wong


“This year my Spring Break is different because I almost always get on an airplane to travel somewhere, and this year I won’t. I will drive to Spokane to visit some family for a little while. Then, I will most likely just hang out around my house and work on a few projects that need to be done. I definitely think Spring Break is important! It gives students and teachers a much-needed break so we can all be refreshed and end the year strong. The pandemic will, unfortunately, affect my spring break and how/where I will travel.” – Ms.Eggeling


“My spring break will be different because this time I’m in middle school. I think I’m going to Hawaii. Yes, I do think that they are important because it gives us a little bit of time with no stress. The pandemic isn’t much of a problem, neither are the protests, because I think that it happens for a reason.” – Jax Shields

“This year we aren’t visiting any other families or friends, it will just be us going to the National Parks. We are going to Bryce, Arches, and Zion National Parks in Utah for Spring Break. We’ll probably do some hikes and exploring, as well as enjoying the lodges! I think Spring Break is important because it gives students and teachers something to look forward to. This might help them do better in their classes and not feel so overwhelmed. I think the pandemic will affect our Spring Break, but not too much. We’ll have to wear masks for three hours on the airplane, and some activities in the National Parks might not be available.” – Hope Seeyle


“Sometimes I travel during spring break on an airplane and I won’t be doing that this year. Relax! Enjoy time off from working and head out to my cabin for a few days. I think it is important for us to have breaks in the school year for our mental health and to have the opportunity to be with family. There will still be restrictions on restaurants and activities I might want to do with friends and family. I will be fully vaccinated, but not all of my friends and family will be.” – Ms.Shelley


“My Spring Break will probably just be spent relaxing at home, and I’ll be using my time off to do things that I enjoy. In past years, my family and I would sometimes take a trip, usually out of state, for Spring Break, but we won’t be doing that this year. I think that Spring Break is very important. Some people, including myself, often feel that weekends fly by, and sometimes feel like we don’t have enough off time to relax and forget about school. There is also often homework that we have to complete over weekends. Spring Break, however, gives students that opportunity to just rest and relax and not have to think about any school work. Personally, I don’t think either the Pandemic or the protests will have a big impact on my Spring Break, other than my family not being able to go anywhere.” – Satchel Allende


“My Spring Break will be different this year because my family and I are unable to go to the main places we go like Great Wolf Lodge.I don’t know yet what I am going to do this Spring  Break, I might go for a hike. I do think Spring Break is important because it allows students to get a break from school for a week which is really helpful for managing stress. I do, I believe that my family will choose where to go with a goal to avoid people like the people that stormed the capital.” – Patrick Kotwis


“This Spring Break will be different as I will not not be traveling. Most years for Spring Break I fly to Arizona to see family and friends. I don’t feel comfortable flying yet so I will be staying close to home. This Spring Break I am planning on getting to see some of my family and friends that live in the Tacoma area. I have not been able to see them over the last year, but now that I will have had both of my Covid vaccines I can go see them. I will also spend time in my yard getting my gardens cleaned and planted for beautiful spring and summer flowers.  Spring Break is important as we all need a break from school to get ready for the final stretch to the end of the school year. It is also important to plan something fun to do over breaks from school to have something to look forward to. The Pandemic will have some effect on how I spend Spring Break. This year I will not be flying out of state and I will not be gathering with a lot of friends.” – Ms.Shearer


“This year will be different because we will have to stay away from people unlike years before.  On Easter, we usually gather with our family, but this year we will not because of concerns about COVID. Sleep, read, relax, hang out with my immediate family. Maybe play with the dogs as well. Spring break is super important. It allows us to recharge and get ready for the final push to the end of the year to finish strong! Absolutely, COVID will impact our activities and who we visit. This year will be much different than years past, but hopefully will be the only one we have that’s like it!” – Mr.Simpson